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  • How do we work together and what will it cost?
    Simply give us a call and we’ll schedule a meeting either at your place or our offices. From this meeting, we’ll be able to generate an estimate outlining the costs associated with your project. There is no charge nor obligation for this meeting and estimate.
  • Do you charge a retainer fee?
    No! Unlike some agencies, we do not try to lock our clients into any long-term contracts or make them feel obligated to use our services. You pay only for services rendered. The fact that we have many clients using us as their ‘agency of record’ is a testament to our service and quality.
  • Can I be assured of confidentiality?
    Absolutely! In fact, we won’t take on a client if we are already in a working relationship with a competing client. (e.g. If we have an active client in the field of retail fuel sales, we won’t even meet with another retail fuel sales company to discuss the possibility of doing work for them).
  • I see my competition on your client list, does this mean I can’t use you?"
    Depends. Our client list includes inactive and single project clients, if your competition falls into either of these categories, chances are there would be no conflict of interest.
  • Can you do a mockup of a campaign, and if I like it then I’ll use your company?"
    Sorry. Developing designs and concepts ‘’on spec’’ (on “speculation” that we may be awarded the job) is in fact a loose-loose proposition.
  • Why should I use an advertising agency to buy ad space (ie. ”placement”)?
    There are several good reasons to use an accredited agency to place your ads: The media's technical requirements are met and maximized 2. Ad delivery and scheduling are handled at no charge 3. Errors and omissions are policed and dealt with by the agency
  • If I buy my media through Creative Relations, will it cost me more?"
    No. When we buy media for our clients, we bill exactly what it would cost for them to buy direct.
  • Why can’t I just have my local print shop design my logo/stationary package, brochure or booklet (etc.)?"
    In order for the printer to print your item, they require "camera ready art" (CRA). That's a hold-over term from the days of physical artboards, in actuality, it's a file containing all the page layouts, photos and typesetting, creatively compiled in an industry standard design/layout program.
  • Can't the printer produce this file (CRA)?
    Depends on what you want. Most print shops have an "art department", but by and large their main function is to produce basic artwork for bread and butter type jobs and make minor changes to supplied art. In general, these art departments are technically oriented, but most are aesthetically challenged or at best offer cookie cutter design services. By default, their function is to get the job done and paid for, your needs are of little concern. This is where Creative Relations excels! We bridge the gap between the technical requirements of the print shop and the aesthetic desires & marketing goals of the customer.
  • I have friends in the printing business, do I have to use Creative Relations as my print broker?"
    No! We're more than happy to do the design and camera ready art and supply you with the file(s) to take to the printer of your choice.
  • Is there any advantage to using Creative Relations to buy my printing?
    Indeed! When we supply the printing, we ensure that all specs are met and the finished product is to our high quality standards. Inferior/wrong stock, poor ink coverage, lint and dust “hickeys”, bleed thru and image transfer from wet cutting are just a few of the problems that you may encounter when buying your own printing. Without a sound knowledge of the process, you may be defenseless against a printer who makes-up excuses to avoid reprinting a job properly.
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